FMA Walter France

Created in 1999, the FMA Walter France firm today unites two entities: the Frédéric MARQUOIS firm and the SODECA firm in Paris. Both are multidisciplinary with around fifteen associates located in Poitiers and in Paris.

Our core services are:


  • Presentation of accounts, drawing up annual financial statements, assistance in the creation and development of companies (assistance in starting or acquiring a business, outsourcing financial accounting or pay functions, business diagnostic analysis).

    Our specific skills: the firm helps regional-sized industrial and commercial groups. This assistance covers help in starting up and developing subsidiaries – both from France and from abroad. In fact, our firm has acquired a high level of experience in assisting our customers to develop their European and worldwide subsidiaries.

Advisory services

  • We have acquired a high level of skill in company creation and development especially in assistance given to new entrepreneurs or prospective company buyers, setting up information systems and how to find funding, financial aid and subsidies.


  • We fulfil statutory audit tasks, perform contractual audits and assist companies globally.

Payroll services

  • Our role is not just about payroll preparation (300 monthly salary payments produced for our clients). We can advise you on recruitment, contracts, dismissal procedures, application of social laws

Legal services

  • New missions: contractual audits for financial organizations, acquisition audits, crowdfunding as a means of financing, assistance in company sale and negotiation, updating accountancy functions.

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