Carry out a tax audit

The French taxation system is based on the principle of controlled tax returns. All taxpayers or companies must expect to be inspected one day. Every year 18% of all taxpayers are inspected.

Knowing that “Prevention is better than Cure”, it is advisable for taxpayers to utilize the advice of a Public Certified Accountant in case of doubt when preparing their tax or income tax returns. This help can be of use even at a later date, but certainly before the start of a tax inspection so as to ask the expert to evaluate the risks.

Accounting audit simulations

In this context, the firm of FMA Walter France is likely to conduct accounting audit simulations (for private individuals and for companies) so as to detect any breach of tax or accounting rules. This will thus enable the audited taxpayer to remedy these breaches and to pre-establish the items of evidence needed in the event of a tax inspection process.

Indeed, our experience shows that many adjustments are based on the fact that the taxpayer will have either badly formulated or forgotten to constitute and keep supporting documents for accounting operations, in particular those relating to the justification of income and expenses. The same applies to reminders calling into question accounting entries on the liability side. Especially for associates’ current accounts where accounting entries need to be justifiable over a period going back up to ten years.

Supporting documents

In theory, the tax inspector will view the reconstitution of supporting documents after receiving notice of a tax inspection as being suspicious. Far better to request reprints of these documents before. This procedure is also valid in instances of contradictory examinations of personal tax circumstances (ESFP).

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