Drawing up and managing contracts

Our firm offers legal assistance covering all the contractual problems your company may encounter.

We assist in the best possible way in all your strategic and commercial choices by:

  • Drafting your business contracts (confidentiality agreements, service agreements, distribution contracts, partnership and trade cooperation contracts etc.)
  • Contract auditing
  • Negotiating, concluding, enforcing and terminating contract relationships between your company and its partners or clients

Corporate Law

Our firm will aid you in structuring your company

  • Company incorporation
    (choice of structure/articles of incorporation/monitoring and managing procedures)
  • Managing relations between shareholders/associates
    (shareholder agreements/statutory clause)
  • Legal monitoring of companies
    (drafting of preparatory documentation for general meetings, board of directors, supervisory meetings or any other management or supervisory body/writing of Minutes/ assistance during Meetings etc.)
  • Legal status of company directors
    (examination of rules governing concurrent holding of employment contract and corporate office/payment/profit-sharing/protection etc.)
  • Operations involving share capital
  • Restructuring operations
    (company transformation /universal asset transfer/creation of subsidiaries and holdings/LBO/LMBO/OBO etc.)

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