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Corporate valuation is a very frequent operation in contemporary economic and social life. We are witnessing a multiplication of operations: change of ownership, mergers, acquisitions, corporate reorganization.

We can supply you with an answer adapted to your specific needs by means of the contractual audit.

The contractual audit is an “open” mission which takes place at different key moments during a company’s life:

  • Professional or speculative investments
  • Disinvestments: seller (transmission to buyer (acquisition)
  • Inheritance: change of family ownership
  • Calculating exchange parity during a merger
  • Restructuration
  • Donation
  • Wealth tax annual review

Valuing your company is vital in important operations:

  • the entry of new shareholders,
  • the search for a strategic partner,
  • capital increases,
  • IPOs.

Our most common contractual audit missions are:

  • Valuation of companies during external growth operations or restructuration (including where the target company already has an auditor)
  • Analysis of your information system: securing it and improving reliability
  • Measuring assets or liabilities: during targeted operations
  • Specific risk assessment

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