Organizing, keeping and supervising accountancy

Keeping accounts consists of recording all a company’s accounting documents according to accounting plan standards. This enables you to fulfill all the legal obligations of tax authorities (VAT, corporate income tax returns, income tax returns…) and of some social security funds.

Our firm will assist you in securing the accounting management of your business.

You wish to keep your own accounting internally but with the help of quarterly supervision

We can:

  • Beforehand: Define together the documents to prepare, the specific expenses requiring analysis
  • Each quarter: We meet up and check your accounting records. Together we draw up your tax and social security declarations and answer all your questions.

After each meeting, we write up a synopsis detailing the improvements you must make to your accounting and to your organization, the answers given during the meeting and any further information.

You wish to entrust your accounting to us

We can:

  • Beforehand: Define the accounting plan. Implement a system of dates by which documents are to be handed in to the accounting firm. Define the sensitive data of your company.
  • Each quarter: We record your data, we check your customer, supplier and bank accounts, VAT fund and basis. We establish your VAT returns and give you a summary of the sensitive data (charges). We compile a list of the unpaid bills noting their lateness.

We will supply you with your business’s trial balance along with your VAT returns.

  • Annually: we will give you your company’s general ledger and the mandatory accounting documents.

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