Company tax assistance

As tax legislation is increasingly more difficult and is constantly changing, the decisions made by business leaders regularly have tax consequences which need to be assessed and anticipated.

Taxation is essential for selling a subsidiary or a branch of your activity, creating a Holding company, acquiring property, optimizing the results of a group of companies through fiscal integration or restructuring the company.

Our firm can help its clients to better optimize their projects with its expertise in matters of

Fiscal integration

Tax credits and tax cuts

There are a vast number of tax credits and tax cuts which enable the beneficiary companies to reduce their taxes;

These include

  • The research tax credit
  • The training tax credit
  • The family tax credit
  • The CICE

Some of these tax benefits are very attractive (in particular the research tax credit) and can result in a substantial financial gain (taking into account the fact that tax credits are often refundable). However, the application conditions are very often stringent and there are frequent inspections. Furthermore, some investments are not very profitable and the fiscal gain does not make up for this.


There are two types of exemptions:

  • Those depending on the type of the beneficiary company - exemptions benefiting new innovative firms or companies located in specific areas (ZRR, ZFU)
  • Those relating to transactions - distribution of intra-group dividends or ownership interest capital gains (with the exception of the reintegration of the share of costs and charges)

Tax loss management

Deficit management is of great importance for businesses liable for company tax (the IS). In fact, deficits can be carried forward indefinitely or even, for past profits, carried back which can give rise to a claim on the tax authority.

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