International taxation

In all countries the complexity of tax matters is on the increase and corresponds to an internationalization of companies. The fiscal dimension is becoming an integral part of the company decision-making process. It requires, therefore, the implementation of a real international tax strategy concerning direct and indirect taxation. This trend affects companies and individuals.

Our fields of action

International aspects of internal taxation

  • Territoriality
  • Pricing transfer (audit, litigation, ABS, amicable settlements…)
  • Fiscal valuation of non-property assets (unlisted securities, business goodwill, intangible assets etc.)
  • Taxation of profits in “low tax” countries 

Specific international issues

  • Investments to and from foreign countries
  • International property taxation: acquiring stakes in property funds, structuring of foreign property acquisitions or acquisitions made by foreign companies in France
  • International financial taxation, structured financing
  • Investment fund and other international investment company taxation
  • Transfer abroad of residence and registered office, optimization
  • Questions of principle relating to tax agreements concerning double taxation
  • Stock-options and alternative international payments
  • Foreign State taxation
  • International litigation
  • Customs issues and foreign exchange controls regulations

Our approach

  • Organization based on the coordination of experts specialized in each field of taxation beyond other legal fields.
  • Collective expertise powered by the knowledge acquired from daily encounters with the most complex taxation issues.
  • Risk management: our knowledge and expertise combine to guide our clients safely in making their strategic and tactical choices.
  • Recognized practice in assisting businesses in their dealings with local and international tax authorities and in defending them at pre-litigation and litigation stage.

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