Outsource your payroll and social management

Preparing the payroll for company personnel is a delicate operation.  Regulations and social security contributions are constantly changing. Internal payroll professionals are faced with difficulties like attendance tracking, holidays and illness.

In Human Resources, the entrepreneur wants to concentrate on the management side of things rather than on administrative tasks. He wants to limit the risks of failing to pay government regulatory agencies. Cost reduction is essential.

For this reason, particularly in small and medium- sized businesses, the entrepreneur has come to rely on outside service providers to draw up the employee payroll.

If you are encountering difficulties in the absolute necessity of correctly drawing up your payroll, and want to find out about the possibilities offered by our external payroll specialists, then get in touch with them as soon as you can. They will know how to help.

Reducing technical and human risks

  • Protected pay information system
  • Stable HR base
  • Long-lasting tranquillity
  • Overall effectiveness in all admin. operations
  • Access to the best competencies and practices

Developing flexibility

  • Saving time in favour of strategic missions
  • Transition from fixed costs to variable costs
  • Drawing up payroll and social security declarations
  • Transition to and management of the DSN (Nominal Social Security Declaration)
  • Social audits (pay, social charges and employment contracts)
  • HR assistance
  • Assistance in URSSAF (Social Security Contribution Collection Agency) inspections

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