Prepare your retirement

The contributory scheme of financing retirement pensions is an insecure one which successive governments, of all political persuasions, have called into question. 

In order to think serenely about your retirement, you need to prepare adequately for this period of your life.

The golden rule is anticipation.

We provide solutions which are adapted to different client profiles, depending on what savings they manage to put aside and also on their needs for the future.

  • Constitution of a capital sum or a supplementary income thanks to rental property (SCPI, LMNP…)
  • Saving for supplementing your income when you retire in the form of life annuities and take advantage of tax deductions all along the capital constitution phase (Plan d’Epargne Retraite Populaire – a retirement savings plan, the Madelin Law for the self-employed…)
  • Using financial investments to generate supplementary income while keeping your capital intact with a suitable allowance.

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