Setting up a Corporate Social Responsibiity (RSE) Procedure

Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE) is the way in which a company contributes to sustainable development issues.

For a company, the procedure consists in identifying and taking into account all the kinds of impacts made by its business so as to adopt the best practice possible.  In so doing, it contributes to its own improvement and to protecting the environment and all the stakeholders involved (including biodiversity). This can be done by continuing to make efforts to achieve economic profitability through improving sustainability.

We support your company or other type of business, large or small, in all or part of your sustainable development strategy to make it:

  • A driver for environmental, social and economic innovation
  • An asset in terms of cost control and compliance with regulations
  • Ready to adopt future regulatory restrictions
  • A pivotal point for evaluating your effort
  • A competitive asset and source of value-creation
  • A vehicle for dialogue with your stakeholders
  • A factor of internal adhesion and mobilization
  • A credible and legitimate external procedure generating a positive image

Our objective: to implement a strategy favoring the achievement of your development goals, using RSE tools for organization and sustainable development.


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